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SAPO - African Mesh Sponge 60”

SAPO - African Mesh Sponge 60”

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With our African net sponge, you can improve the quality of your hygiene routine. This sponge is a unique bath sponge that is mostly used in the African continent. Its popularity has grown as a result of its various advantages. It has the power to cleanse the skin easily, leaving it smooth and clean. It can clean hard-to-reach areas due to its long and versatile existence. It dries easily and is porous. These features, along with the fact that it is long-lasting, make it a good investment. This sponge extends to around 60" in length.

Features & details

  •  Approximately 60” long.
  • An excellent exfoliator that cleanses skin by removing dead skin and washing away dirt.
  • Will not store bacteria unlike your loofahs and washcloths.
  • Sponge dries quickly due to its porous nature.
  • Long Bath sponge, African net bath sponge; net bath sponge.
  • Washing machine friendly.



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